Lamp & Luminaries

Lamp & Luminaries

'Lamp & Luminaries’

Lamp is an artificial source of light. 

It means a component that produces Light using electricity. This is a replaceable part, commonly called Bulb.

Luminary is also called Light Fixture, which is the entire device.

It includes Fixture or Body,  Electrical parts & connection, Drivers or Ballast, Light Diffusers / Reflectors / Front Glass, Lamp Holder or Socket

There are different types of Lamps & Luminaries based on Applications, Material & Technology:

Incandescent Lamps & Luminaries

Tungsten Halogen Lamps & Luminaries

Fluorescent Lamps & Luminaries

Mercury Vapor Lamps & Luminaries

Metal Halide Lamps & Luminaries

Sodium Vapor Lamps & Luminaries

LED Lamps & Luminaries

Incandescent Lamp

Incandescent Lamp consists of a wire filament & argon gas. Argon is to protect the wire filament from oxidation. This Filament heated until it glows using electricity & without any external regulating device.

Incandescent Lamps are not efficient as compared with other Lamp types. Less than 5% of the energy used to convert into visible Light and remaining convert into Heat, that is a loss of energy.

Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Tungsten Halogen Lamp consists a mixture of inert gas & halogen, sealed inside a transparent envelope made for Tungsten filament. Filament & halogen produced a reaction which redeposits evaporated tungsten to the filament, this way helps to improve the life of Tungsten filament.

Fluorescent Lamps & Luminaries 

Using electricity mercury vapor generates short wave ultra-violet light. This ultra-violet light passes through phosphor media cause the inner side of the glass tube/lamp to glow.

Fluorescent Lamps require an external regulating device that is Ballast.

Fluorescent lamps contain mercury so classified as hazardous waste & need safe disposal.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) consists of regulating device in itself, made to replace & fit into the space of conventional incandescent lamp.

Neon Tube lighting contains argon & mercury vapor as alternative gases. Neon Lighting is mostly used for custom made signs & advertisements.

Mercury Vapor Lamps

It’s working is same as the fluorescent lamp. It is a gas discharge lamps, to produce light it uses electric arc which pass through vaporized mercury.